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My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years and have agreed that our love life needs a spark to ignite.. shes 21, 28. she has a fantastic figure of a size 34DD boobs 10 and 7cow long blond hair blue eyes, basically, always always stares at him when we're out of which at first was annoying! the other day asked me what my ultimate fantasy told him it was your look with three unknowns ( men) who looked very surprised by my answer, but turned in thought, gave me permission to have fun 7cow with others was, men!.. she said let me know exactly what you want and we will do next week, on Saturday, it was yesterday... I first said I want you like a dog, 7cow wearing it is not difficult for them!.. so they moved us in a very short Skirk without underwear a low-cut top with a push-up bra 34DD were angry Cleveland saw an amazing sight to believe.. We left my house in my car for our adventures and at the time was the largest hard drive of IVE in the years that we wereong my girlfriend was sitting next to me and a complete female and her tits.. WOW.. I also thought it would not be long before the groping of strangers who have made that I find interesting... we seem to my house at 16:00 it was still light as we drove along whenever we stopped by a truck, they told me to slow down so that the driver was in sight of her breasts with contempt if someone had a hard joy in the face of the truck driver was great! then came to this park, where we know that people meet for sex, I am very nervous, thinking, and call it all, but my friend was excitiment fingers ! We talked and waited for 10 minutes, this man came up to my car 7cow and looked at my window, opened it to talk to him.. He asked what we were and I told my friend was looking for some fun, basically.. He said he would like to help.. then suddenly got up from the car and my girlfriend was in a carparked at the corner of the appearance of clothing, as it was there and then we want honest straw.. The guy I was talking now sitting in 7cow the back of my car waiting for my girlfriend.. I did what I would see them as I 7cow approached the car, I realized it was for the driver, an elderly man was talking possibly about 40 years, was dirty, so he 7cow called a bitch and I thought that the grass is does not seem so nice of him to get away, but stopped my girlfriend and told me that I then became to realize is that there was another man in the passenger seat and another 2 in the back so there are four in this car, I said it was for many, I locked up and shouted either see and enjoy, or disappears, she said she just wanted to be was so dirty and they loved the idea of a bitch.. asked him to get in the car, opened the back door and one of the three 7cow parties, the boys jumped in the back so I could get looked at me and said sorry love ive got to do this shitand got into the car and jumped back and closed the door, she wasted no time with her tits were fingering her and got to Dick, who was going crazy.. The two remained in the back with the two exchanged in the front I saw I was excited but also nervous, and not even know these people.. The sex lasted for about 35 minutes.. Then I heard the boy tell the driver, I want to be dirty ? She responded as dirty as you have done (which really make me go even more) want to.. all the kids were sitting there now two in the first two in the back with my girlfriend between them are naked and she was on in the sky.. I wonder now what happened to all the boys with condoms and my mother masturbates fingers.. one of the guys said something to ask her ear and she replied softly, 'wow, yeah, I've never done ' to the i, what was said, but just wanted out anyway, the driver masturbateswas about to end, and gave a great shout of joy and sperm 7cow in the condom then the second man came and sat next to him these two guys came back with all condoms.. I thought, well lets go of his past, but then came the bit I could not believe.. man in the back sitting next to my girlfriend told him to lean his head back as they did with the mouth and poured the semen from the condom directly into her mouth, she loved it, said he knew right then opened has done the same thing over and over drank all the milk of other condoms actually held the last 2 condoms cum in her mouth shows children what they had then did it! I could not believe they did, to be honest I was so hot, so sexy that I've seen.. then he got the car took us back to my car and thanked the guy I spoke first apologized because it was still maybe next time, but my friend told me he does not listen to his cock! who has had sex, thereand then in 7cow my car and off and cum in the mouth of sperm so that he had swallowed at 7cow 5.. We went home and had the best 7cow sex I've had, so I guess it was worth
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